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State of Environment Report Bangalore 2008

Bangalore is considered Asia’s fastest growing city. The rapid expansion, urbanization and the lack of systematic planning for the city’s needs led to tangible degradation of its environment. Water, air and other vital resources continue to be under stress. Indicators suggest that even human health is increasingly at risk.

Prepared by 22 authors and co-authors, this report provides a holistic assessment of prevailing environmental issues. It aims to cover the range of relevant aspects from natural resources (deforestation, water resources, air quality) to human activities (energy consumption, waste generation, industries, transportation) and extends to urban planning and socio-economic development. Based on recommendations, a comprehensive, action oriented “Environmental Management Plan” has been developed and the same is available at the last chapter. The report is but a small step towards restoring our environment to its glorious pristine past. Its true value, however, can emerge only if acted upon.

Released in September 2009, the report was prepared by Environmental Management & Policy Research Institute (EMPRI), Bangalore with funding from Department of Forest, Ecology and Environment, Government of Karnataka and German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) through its Indo-German Environment Programme (ASEM).