Hilsa, Indian shad

Class                     :osteichthys
Subdivision          :teleostei
Order                     :Clupeiformes
Suborder               :Clupeoidei
Family                   :CLUPIDAE
Genus                    :Hilsa Regan
Scientific name    :Hilsa (Tenualosa) ilisha (Hamilton-Buchanan)
English name        :Hilsa, Indian shad
Kannada name     :Paliya, Palasa, Mallas
Distinguishing charecters    :D- 18-19, P-15, V-9, A- 19-22, C-19, L.l. 46-49, L.tr.- 17-19.
Size attains    :460 mm.
Distribution    :West-coast.

Description    :Body compressed, oblong. Abdomen serrated. Head large, high compressed. Snout rounded. Mouth terminal, cleft not extending to orbit. Eyes large, lateral, with adipose lid. Lips moderately thick. Jaws sub-equal. Jaws and palate edentate. Dorsal fin inserted in advance of pelvic fins. Anal fin short. Caudal fin forked. Silvery, shot with gold and purple, no spots in the adult, but a row of them along the upper third of the body in the immature; the most distinct of which is behind the upper third of opercle.


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