Kooli barb

Superclass           :Gnathostomata
Class                     :Actinopterygii
Division                :Teleostei
Subdivision          :Euteleostei
Superorder           :Ostariophysi
Order                     :Cypriniformes
Family                   :Cyprinidae
Subfamily             :Cyprininae
Tribe                      :Systomini
Subtribe                :Systomi
Genus                    :Puntius Hamilton-Buchanan
Scientific name    :Puntius Vittatus Day
English name        :Kooli barb
Kannada name     :Karse
Distinguishing charecters    :D-10(2/8), P-12(1/11), V-9(1/8), A-7(2/5), C-19, L.L.20-22, L.tr.-3/4.
Size attains    :38 mm.
Distribution    :Krishna, Cauvery and West-flowing river drainages.

Description    :Dorsal and abdominal profiles about equally convex. Mouth small. Barbels absent. Dorsal fin inserted nearer to base of caudal fin than to tip of snout; its last unbranched ray weak and entire. Scales moderate. Silvery, generally with four black spots in the adult, one just before the dorsal, one below its posterior margin, another at the base of the caudal and fourth at the base of the anal. The dorsal has a black streak and a black tip with orange markings. Pectoral fins hyaline; other fins pale yellow to brownish-yellow; base of dorsal fin golden yellow; minute dots on dorsal and anal fins.


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