Stripped snake-head

Superclass           :Gnathostomata
Class                     :Actinopterygii
Division                :Teleostei
Subdivision          :Euteleostei
Superorder           :Acanthopterygiisss
Series                   :Atherinomorpha
Order                     :Perciformes
Suborder               :Channoidei
Family                   :Channidae
Genus                    :Channa Scopli
Scientific name    :Channa Striatus (Bloch)
English name        :Stripped snake-head
Kannada name     :Kuchhu, kandu
Distinguishing charecters    :D - 37 - 46, P - 15 - 17, V - 6, A - 23 - 29, C - 13, L.L. - 50 - 57, - 4 - 7 / 9 - 7
Size attains    :920 mm
Distribution    :Krishna, Cauvery, Godavary and West-flowing river drainages.

Description    :Body elongated and fairly rounded. Eyes moderate. Mouth large. Pectoral fin about 2 times in head length. Caudal fin rounded. Scales on summit of head large. Dark-grayish or blackish superiorly, dirty white or yellowish white beneath; cheeks and lower surface of mouth streaked and spotted with gray; bands of gray or black from sides to abdomen. Some spots and bars at posterior end of dorsal fin, ventrals and anal grayish, with some whitish lines or spots along base of latter. In the young there is occasionally a large black ocellus at end of base of dorsal, and the body may be destitute of any marks.


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