Superclass           :Gnathostomata
Class                     :Actinopterygii
Division                :Teleostei
Subdivision          :Euteleosteis
Superorder           :Acanthopterygii
Series                   :Atherinomorpha
Order                     :Perciformes
Suborder               :Labroidei
Family                   :Cichlidae
Genus                    :Etroplus Cuvier
Scientific name    :Etroplus Suratensis (Bloch)
English name        :Pearl-spot
Kannada name     :Eli-meenu,matak, ersa, erpe, eri meenu, kaggalase
Distinguishing charecters    :D - XVIII - XIX 14 - 15, P - i16, V - I 5, A - XII - XIII 11-12, C - 16, L.L. - 35-40, 5 /17
Size attains    :190 mm
Distribution    :Krishna, Cauvery and West-flowing drainages

Description    :Body very deep, short, oval and strongly compressed. Eyes large, mouth small. Jaws equal. Caudal fin slightly emarginate. Scales ctenoid. Of a light green, with eight transverse bands; the first over the occiput, the last across the base of the caudal, the other six intermediate. Most of the scales above lateral line have a central white pearly spot; some irregular black spots over the abdomen. Dorsal, ventral, anal and caudal of a dark leaden colour; the pectoral yellowish, with a jet - black base. Specimens from saltwater are of a deep purple colour, the bands almost black, and the white spots, consequently more distinct. During the monsoon, the colour of the fish is most beautiful. Very young fish have a large black ocellus, surrounded by a white margin, extending from fourth to tenth soft rays of dorsal fin.


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