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State of Environment Reports

The environmental status of Karnataka in present situation is changing drastically due to rapid urbanization, industrialization, migration, population growth, etc., degrading the quality of available natural resources and ultimately impeding the quality of living. To illustrate the present condition or to demonstrate the state of environment, an attempt is made to prepare a report on the basis of secondary data collected from government organizations, boards, corporations, academic institutions and NGOs. The report is aimed at assessing the environmental issues and project the future scenario which would serves as a guide to the policy makers, administrators, managers, NGOs as well as academicians to take appropriate actions in near future. The objectives for the preparation of State of Environment and Action Plan are as follows:

  • Identification of environmental issues with specific attention to natural resources, urbanization and migration and the pressures it creates on the environment.
  • Identification of problems in environmental management with specific attention to the existing institutional capacity.
  • Based on a good understanding of priorities, to define and recommend certain actions to address problems identified. In many cases recommendations requires action on several fronts which includes policy, institutional strengthening and capacity building.

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